AI Powered

Rapid Digital Presence For Businesses

Compared to conventional methods of developing a virtual space, this engine brings to the table AI-generated 3D content, which is not just cost-effective but also significantly faster for businesses to create their space.

Metasy Cloud

Metasy cloud technology allows customers to experience the rich Space experience including real-time multiplayer synchronization, audio and video calls, instant messaging, artificial intelligence.
As the foundation upon which Metasy was built, Metasy Cloud platform is powered by NetEase.

AI Technology

AI generation & recommendation algorithms

AI generation Space, AI recommendation algorithm, AI behavior, large language model access, speech-to-text conversion, etc.

Instant Messaging

Smooth user experience

Messaging, audio and video calls, live streaming, and other services with millisecond latency for hundreds of countries and regions to experience a face-to-face communication experience in the cloud.

Server Deployment

Support for global multi-region user access

Space server deployment, relying on the public cloud, self-developed CloudAPI scheduling system, support for simultaneous access to applications by users from multiple regions around the world.

Massive User Concurrency

Distributed highly available cluster deployment program

The backend service module is deployed in the form of highly available cluster nodes to ensure a stable experience for tens of millions of users of the system.


We provide solutions for a wide range of Space worlds, from education, gaming, social to entertainment and events.

Choose Your Plan

Services are professional offerings provided by businesses to meet specific needs or solve problems for their customers. Services can range from your budject.